Thursday, August 16, 2007

It's been a long summer and too short

Oh yes, it's the school professional's unappreciated whine ... poor me, I've had this big vacation and now it's over!

I was able to complete the writing workshop with 6 grad credits and a stipend. Feels good! I write a lot slower than I would wish, but I was very happy with what I did. I'm working on a short story now. There is nothing short about the process!

I also did a little face to face ESL teaching as a favor to our Korean pastor. 12 adolescents. It was great to know I could do it, but my stamina is still short.

I've been recovering pretty well from the earlier stroke. I'm grateful that my typing has improved ... I was afraid that my work would be badly hampered, but now I feel close to par. Speaking of going back to work, I think I'm going to get a wheel chair so I be more mobile when doing lunch duty and other monitoring. My regular exercise in the pool has been great for me overall, but the pain in my back has been pretty constant all year long and I'm accepting the idea that I may have to live with this.

My computer was out of whack for a few months. Thanks to my son for nagging me to check out if I was covered under warranty.

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