Saturday, September 29, 2007

I was a stranger

One of my favorite bloggers pointed out a historic connection I hadn't made. He points out that the underground railroad was a Christian act of kindness to Christ as a stranger.

Here's the response I added:
"Good morning. I just opened my first bag of fair trade coffee (and it’s delicious)
Your post makes me think of how immigrants are met with such scorn in recent days. If I do my bit in helping people make a living, they might never have to leave their tropical paradises to come here and make money for their loved ones back home.
More on the Christian response to immigrants.
Today I happen to be starting a Saturday prayer meeting in support of our church’s ESL classes. Your post gives me encouragement!"

So, yes, I'm going over to the church this afternoon and hopefully every Saturday afternoon until January when we'll start the ESL classes again. I say "we" optimistically because Saturday afternoon is not a great day for regular volunteers. Why such a dreadful timeslot? Well, it's MY best time to volunteer and I did it for years before I got fancy and tried to pick better times. When I tried to serve on Mondays and Thursdays I burnt myself out and didn't do anyone any service. But I'm not going to make any definite statements about what's going to happen in the future. That's what the praying is for.

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