Sunday, October 14, 2007


I'm missing church yet again. I've got stomach problems again. This is the fourth day in a row and I haven't been all that well for several days before that. I'll be seeing my doctor on the twenty second.

I'm also emotionally up and down ... and mostly down.
I have the feeling that my perspective on the world has been flawed all my life. I seem to have delusions about my place in the work world ... it occurs to me that maybe the world doesn't owe me a living (Mother was right!).

I'm feeling somewhat disgusted with the field of education - whatever joy I've been getting out of it isn't what it's about.

I tried to watch a local tv show put on by our Board of Ed yesterday. I wish I could repeat the babble I heard to illustrate my disgust, but my brain just can't hold all that jargon. (I don't think the word "paradigm" was used. I'd have remembered that.) Here's a quote that has taken me a few minutes to dredge up:
"It's not a program, it's an initiative."
My non-professional response is: "WTF???"
And then the person ended her speech with the words "It's really just common sense." Which made me decide to turn off the TV in search of common sense.

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