Sunday, October 5, 2008

In lieu of church

Perhaps because of the change in seasons, my back is hurting. The kind of pain with pangs that feel like electric shocks. Or maybe I spent to long in bed taking a lazy day of rest yesterday. If that's the case the irony is that now I HAVE to lie down. I've got a stack of things to read, so I'm far from bored.

Yesterday I read a bunch of David Foster Wallace stories. Yes he was a genius. And he has infected my thinking, which is already prone to be divergent. He seems to be driving my head today except for the genius part.

This evening I AM going to make it to the "Love Feast" at church. That's the semi-annual foot washing which I found so meaningful in the spring. Pain or no pain.

I'll take some pills and think of all the back to back House episodes I've been seeing recently. (I watch it although I'm so annoyed that he uses a cane in a completely fake way)

I felt like looking at pictures of my great grandmother this morning. I was comparing myself with pictures of her at my age (60). She lived to be 90. She had much better health than I do, but I think I'm a lot like her. My dad wrote the linked description when he was in his fifties.

I also enjoyed this.

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Martin Hutchison said...

We missed you! Hope your back is better soon!