Monday, June 15, 2009

A start

family stories

So many of grandma's stories are forgotten. I can hear her telling them in her upper class New England moviestar accent and playing sorrowful notes with her voice. She used lost words like "cunning" and "stout" and "gay"

I'm a story teller myself. I know this because my friends have been trained to hold up two fingers to tell me I've told the story before. Or maybe to indicate "peace".

patty pulling out hair
eating turtle
kicking the Sunday School teacher
biting people
learning to read
waking up and hitting her
getting mouth washed with green soap

race understanding
there's Moses
Mister, why are you the same color as your hat?
the irish cop
mother learning dirty words from Mexican kids

Nana and the ice cream
Dad and the liver
John and the broccoli
Rick and the animal crackers
Eileen and the cheese (dead mouse)
"milk is a food, not a beverage"
milk with pie

Dad's expressions
pasta fazool
"no pie for you!"
We're off! Like a dirty shirt
Sad Sack, Sunshine

food traditions
shaking the corn cob
I'll have the BAKED macarOni with the RICH CHEDdar CHEESE!
spaghetti at christmas, sourkraut and turnips at thanksgiving

dirty jokes
rust- mom
I'd swear I had two when I came in

Stories I have told
John and God
John and the facts of life
Gareth and the facts of life
Finding Anne franke on the internet
Singing with dad's dementia

Dope stories
It's all in time to the music

Will Brady stories
What will they do now? Farm
looking at geology
"my faith in you is restored"

Don't disturb the Rostheizers
The family whistle

Elmer and the stone
Elmer and the porch
Elmer and bullheads,bacon and bisquick, vargas girls

Mom's cooking
pioneer stew
macaroni and cheese
baked beans
meat loaf and turkey stuffing
tomato aspic
shepherd's pie
stewed tomatoes with bread

books on the table top
the family of man
pay the two dollars
cartoon book about having a baby

Sing along with Mitch Miller
Tom Lehrer
Stan Freberg The United States of America
West Side Story
Frank Warner

creche at christmas - looked like stained glass window images
night before Christmas
sugar plum tree
tangerines, hard candy, olive can in the stockings
Child's Christmas in Wales
dad counting the shrimp

sad stories from mom
how her mother died
how mom learned to swim
living in a tent and having squirrel for christmas
being reprimanded in school for chewing dentine, wearing a horned toad as jewelry

sad story from dad
the little indian boy in Little Falls

Marian and the eyeball
marian at the airport
Dad in Annapolis
Cathy in Virginia
Seth in New York

appendix .
stories dictated or written by Dad
When the Kennedy's came to Raparius told by cousin Edith

When Apples Grow on a Lilac Tree
Good morning Merry Sunshine
Broadway's a Tame Street
A Man Without a Woman
Love's Old Sweet Song

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