Monday, September 28, 2009

Dear Archie

It's 3:30 AM and I'm wide awake. I'd set my alarm to four so I could get up and do a little house cleaning. I'm wondering how being sick in bed can mess up a whole place, but here I am. I really need to do a lot of housecleaning, but Flylady (a great website) suggests doing it a bit at a time. Starting with Clean Your Sink. It's amazing how having the habit of having a clean sink will spread out to the whole house. I started the sink project yesterday. I'm going to have to buy rubber gloves, brillo, and a new sink trap. Flylady has a whole page on how to clean a sink, and then how to maintain it.

Today's cleaning involves cleaning my bed. My bed is actually a living room futon which is slowly falling apart because I assembled it myself and the bolts are unscrewing. I put a box spring under the mattress which gives it stability and height and now it's actually a queen size bed. I have a few Guatemalan quilts on it. One as a large cover, another as a throw rug. Since it's a large bed, it tends to accumulate stuff. Dirty sox and a blouse, clean pieces of an old sheet I tore up to use as rags to wipe out my clean sink, my computer, charging cords for palm pilot and cell phone, magazines, a large pad that vibrates in 5 places and heats up (It was a gift from an ex-daughter in law to help out my bad back. I call it "my boyfriend"), two buckwheat hull pillows, a bunch of the explanatory notes that come with refilled prescriptions.

Well enough domestic chatter. I thought I'd like to write to you, but I'm not too good at small talk and really don't know what to say to maintain an online conversation. As I look it over, it sounds rather bloggish and I'll probably put a copy of it in my blog (which has been neglected lately). But consider it an effort for friendly chatter.

And I'll try to

attach a funny for you.

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Archie said...

That was actually very cute. Nice funny too! We are quite similar in many ways I think.