Saturday, December 26, 2009


This may be the wrong time, but a blog that nobody reads is probably a good as place to vent as any. There has been a tragedy in our town. People were greatly concerned and then greatly saddened as events unfolded. Thanks to popular blogs and thanks to facebook, people are ready and able to voice their thoughts. I wish many of them didn't. The popular anger is coming out as hate. Hate for the perpetrator, hate for his family, hate for the victim's family, hate for the judicial office holders, hate for the state senate, hate for the governor. The popular wish to console is coming out as pop theology. No, the victim is not, nor has ever been, an angel.

People have suggested lynching, castration, harassment, banishment, "accidents" and restoring the death penalty. So far, nobody's complaining about or suggesting we change the me-first values that allowed the family jumbles that made it possible for the tragedy to happen.

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GJB said...

Fully agree! This is exactly why I tend to stay away from the comment area of many blogs.

For one: the emotional duress that comes over me when I read the hatred overwhelms and I find myself judgmental and resentful. In other words, I become that which I do not like.

for two: the more people who read and react to these blogs, the more empowered the authors are to continue. In some inexplicable fashion they seem to feel that their content is a well needed contribution to their environment. I personally have found that if their is no readership, they authors tend to abandon their blogs. Perhaps for their is no attention or sense of purpose.

So rather than joining them by hating them back, I choose to leave them alone in their madness in pursuit of my own joys.

(this comment is HATE FREE)