Thursday, October 11, 2012

Time to get the FlyLady again.

I mentioned on an e-mail loop that I was feeling overwhelmed by the stuff in my apartment.  (If there was a way of saying over-over-whelmed, I'd say it. I imagined hiring a dumptruck and people to throw stuff out the window.) Someone on the loop suggested FlyLady. The website is not new to me. It was a great resource about 20 years ago, and I don't think anything else has improved on it. So I looked it up and today I'm cleaning my sink (the best way to start).

Today, my complaints are too many. I'm behind on serious amount of paperwork. I've got a serious amount of arthritis pain in several body parts. I had to call in sick this morning, but must, must, must get to school tomorrow. Origami club starts tomorrow. And I have to cover for a teacher. I'm too sick to practice singing this evening and, while I got away with not practicing last week, this week I'll have to sit out praise chorus. As I write this, I'm not as bad off as I felt this morning. But it's important that I got started on the sink.

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