Sunday, October 27, 2013

NaNo, NaNo

November is National Novel writing month, NaNo for short. It's sort of a social network event for people who prefer to be alone. The challenge is to write a novel with 50,000 words or more. There are participants who have been doing this for years. You win if you meet the word goal. Since I almost have never exceed 400 words in a day, I don't expect to win. But it's worth the effort.

In order to churn out the words, I'll have to forego TV, movies, and Facebook. I should have OD'd on those things for a while.

I'll be making an effort to attend Aquacare aerobics, on-line twelve-step meetings (good enough for DFW is good enough for me), a few church services, thanksgiving dinner, acupuncture, and maybe some Skype with my granddaughter.

My grandson flipped my mattress and my son changed my bedding so I'm off to a fresh start.

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