Monday, July 7, 2008

Intentional living

Yesterday's message at church was on "intentional living" and was a tape from Kerry Shook from Fellowship of the Woodlands in Houston TX. It certainly presented a challenge, to the point that the congregation was a bit stunned. The challenging question was: 

What would I do today if I had only one month to live?

My first answer might be not to sleep so much. 
Yesterday I packed my hairless fiddle bow for shipping, made post cards to send to my favorite aunt, and wrote notation for Angel Band. 

I did watch Lawnorder Criminals in Tents for the last hour of the day, which is not good for my spiritual condition. I have been concerned about my spiritual condition because I've been waking up too often with resentments. Last night I did make sure I went to sleep with a prayer on my lips and did wake up feeling better.  No resentments today, but some fear over current difficulties and challenges.


Christopher said...

You know, I've been meaning to post a comment here,that One Prayer logo, just keeps catching my eye.

First, I got a big 'ole laugh out of "Lawnorder Criminals in Tents".

Second, Seeing that challenging question got me thinking... "What if that's how we approached every day?" Would we steer our courses closer to God?" Maybe take trivial things less seriously, and give more attention to the important items.

Thanks for sharing.

cathy b. said...

Speaking of TV, I think I saw an ad on TV by the same artist as the logo maker. Stands to reason that he has to make a living. I was so intrigued by the art that I can't remember the product. tch tch!

Well said! Exactly the preacher's point. We need to learn to say no to the good stuff so we make time for the best stuff.

I got up at 4 this morning, itching to read St. Teresa and to do some of the study questions on JI Packer for my Shelfari book group. (Now I'm ready to go back to sleep a little. I'm glad I'm on a break from working!) A nice way to start the day.

Ben said...

thanks for the link. i did enjoy it. it's a powerful prayer.