Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Feet on ground

I got my feelings hurt last night ... I was criticized for my guitar playing during last Sunday's service. Someone had said to the leader that it "clashed". I felt like packing up and going home right then, or least quitting forever.
I'm not saying my guitar playing wasn't bad, but I felt that I had put in a huge effort for less than a week's notice. I didn't know what key we were playing in until after Tuesday.
It looks as if things won't change much, so unless I want to continue to put out a huge effort and continue to play badly because I'm not really prepared, I should leave my (very very heavy) guitar at home. 
Then the lead singer suggested everybody not sing except during the choruses... so as not to confuse the congregation. At that point I started to thinking I'll get to sing more if I'm IN the congregation.
I knew that I was feeling like a sorehead, so I tried to make no decisions or proclamations last night. I need to sort out what my participation is about. Not easy. I don't really like the contemporary music as music ... but I do like participating in it. It's great to strum, clap, tap my feet, and sing harmony while worshipping God.

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Christopher said...

Ya know? At my church, we're going through some similar pains with our praise and worship team. Some of the congregation cares for a particular style of music, while others gravitate to something different.

I hear complaints (through the grapevine) that the music is too loud, too contemporary, or to "old".

At the end of your post though you said something that we should always have impressed upon our hearts, and that is that church is that time where we join together to worship God.

Grace and peace be with you.