Tuesday, September 23, 2008

a letter to my coworkers

Dear co-workers, Dear teachers that I am assistant for,
       Today I've been appreciating how great it is that you have so much diversity in your little team. You are each so different and yet so strong as teachers. Our students are really fortunate to have you for a year (or two). You show them how to love the disciplines you present and you show them with kindness - the kindness that teachers show that is so rare in other parts of our world.
        I also appreciate how you use your human resources ... the assistants and aides and interns that come your way. What a three ring circus you face every day. You are truly gifted with your patience and the ability to think of several things at once. Sometimes, like today, I just have to reflect in awe.
         Finally I marvel at how well you work as a team, without losing your individuality. It's great to be working with you.

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