Sunday, September 21, 2008


It's not from lack of thoughts, but more from lack of energy that I haven't blogged. I'd say lack of time, but I've had time to sleep, so I have had time. But what time I've had available has been spent gathering up energy for the next day.  I've absolutely no down time at work and I miss that. I got my new office all decorated and now I have very little time in it. I guess the upside is that I won't mess it up!
I've been teaching business math at evening school on Mondays and Tuesdays and I spend some hours preparing. If I teach it again, it will take less time because right now I'm getting acquainted with the material, the administration and the grading system. I'm hoping that this will be a door into a better paying job.
I wore a blister onto a toe last week and that really messed me up. I had to go see a doctor, but it was OK, uninfected and I was doing what I was supposed to do for it. I don't regret taking the time to see the doctor because if something gets worse, she's already seen it and can deal with it over the phone. Speaking of the doctor, it's time to fill up the pill boxes. Another time consuming chore.


Christopher said...


Thanks for the update, and happy to hear that things are going OK for you.

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts when time permits.

Grace and peace be with you.

MissDaisyAnne said...

I feel similar it is hard to break away from "life" to blog, there always seems to be things pulling me away from this endeavor. I was able to post several things in the past two days, but that is a rarity.
Stay well! Take care!