Saturday, May 2, 2009

Good spirits

Recovery seems so much slower these days. But I was reminded about how hard it used to be to step up onto the curb at work (students would help) and so I know I am doing better. Money's still awful, I can't keep up with simple housekeeping, and things keep going downhill for the nation, but I'm in good spirits, probably because I took action toward service to my neighbors.

I wrote an email to other coworkers who I know are concerned about recycling (all three of them). I asked that we might support each other in efforts and I offered to pick up plastic recycling at the end of the day. I have been so sad to see kids who are willing to toss bottles into recycling who have no place to do it. (Not all the kids, but a good portion - more than three.) This looks like a service that I can do.

I'm taking my grandson to Barnes and Noble this afternoon. It's his favorite hangout and I'll be teaching the game of Go, with his help, as part of a fundraiser for our school.

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