Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Social Media

I'll write this and then Twitter a link to it. Short items get twitter, a little longer items get Facebook, and long stuff goes on the blog. To a Yahoo Group (I think those things used to be called, or are called, "loops"), I post my daily meal plans and a list of gratitudes to God.

I got the urge to describe where I'm at today in more detail than usual. So that's a job for my blog, TMI. I'm drinking iced chamomile/ginger tea. Just had lunch of lettuce, mayo, cottage cheese, cucumber with salt and lime-pepper.

I'm feeling very grateful for cows today. From them I get cottage cheese and swiss cheese and cold milk and Stonyfield Farms yogurt, iced and regular. Cows appear regularly in travel stories and novels.

I'm rereading Henderson the Rain King. I read it when I was about 20. I'd forgotten what a wonderful writer Saul Bellow was and I'm rather pleased with my younger self for having discovered him.

Another rediscovery is spirulina. I mix it into a small applesauce container and feel like I'm getting my nutrients when I haven't had enough vegetables. My cousin turned me on to it years ago. Thanks cuz.

I'm looking forward to my year at work. I'll be doing stuff I haven't done before ... and if indicators are correct I will not be doing some things I have done (no lunch duty, locker duty, recess duty assigned as yet). New things are math tutoring after school which will increase my income a little, and being a "one on one" with a seventh grader during the work days.

The picture is a nice one of my son who is a graffiti artist at our local "Third Friday" events.

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RC said...

fun post - not to mention I found your blog after you pointed out a spelling error relating to a post on social media :-)