Thursday, February 24, 2011

Hello much neglected Blog

I'm out sick for the second day with a sick stomach. I'm watching a gory TV series on Netscape. No, it's not Dexter... that show lost my interest after the third season. I'm up to the fifth season of Wire in the Blood ... it's gorier but the hero has lots of compassion and a really good sense of humor.

I just read on Facebook that a man I used to work with has "joined the ranks of the recession affected unemployed". What's sad and stunning is that he has worked at the same place I worked with him almost 20 years ago. I'm waiting to be let go myself. If it weren't for health insurance, I'd be delighted to retire. I got an offer to get a bonus if I announced my retirement intentions in a few weeks. But they won't pick up my health insurance coverage unless I have 10 years in the system and I only have five years in this county.

I fell out of bed last night. Haven't done that in years and years. And I got back into bed without barely becoming conscious. I think if I'd fully woken up, I'd have had a harder time.

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