Monday, April 9, 2007

bloggishness of gratitude

I'm just so pleased with my son, DIL, and grandson. Saturday was a
weirdly snowy and cold day and the scouts were having a bbq chicken
fundraiser at the Moose Lodge. My DIL picked up two chicken halves
for me, but saw a man holding a sign saying "I'm starving" so she
gave him one of the halves. Later, there was a lot of left over
chicken, so my son and grandson went out looking for homeless folks
to give it to. They also ran into some people who wanted to buy some,
so they made some more money for scouts and still had chicken to give

I'm remembering when my son was little and his grandparents overdid
it in the candy department. We decorated real hardboiled eggs, so
there would be something healthy included in what we were giving
away. We loaded up a red wagon and took "Easter" to a nearby family
recommended to us by a friend in Social Services (this was in pre-
HIPPA days).

I am so blessed to have a family - however small it may be - to share
and pass on such wonderful experiences.

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