Saturday, April 14, 2007

Pain and doing

Not being in pain means that when you think of doing something, you
get up and do it.
When I had that luxury, I took it very much for granted. I didn't get
up to do as much as I think I'd like to now.

Here's what I want to get up and do today:
1. shower/dress
2. Water plants
3. Wash dishes and prepare meals for the coming week
4. Take out last bags of laundry
5. Put a lawn chair in my car (to use when I fold laundry)
6. Pick up cheezy bread at the Portuguese restaurant
7. Volunteer at the board of education's Professional Development
Center open house
8. Do laundry at the laundromat
9. Bring up briefcase from the car (has job applications)
10. Fill out job applications

I'll probably not do 2,3,4,8, 9,10,
I might do the laundry that Alicia (who offered to do some cleaning
Monday) already put in the car.
I'll probably get online and teach some English. This I can do lying
I could also gather data for job applications - that is always a
tedious chore. Hooray for my CD cataloging program! Hmm, maybe
there's some cataloging to update.

I've had two epidurals that haven't seemed to work at all. (Most of
the previous ones worked well) Then I have a pain pill. I don't like
the side effects. It's not too good for the pain either, although it
makes me care less. I took one this morning.

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