Friday, August 8, 2008

Great weather

All my cells are happy. The temperature is reasonable and they are in homeostasis. I'm afraid I'm like the person in the Bible who is tossed to and fro on waves ... I don't sustain moods or resolve very well. Is it all dependent on the temperature and air pressure? Well, I'm glad I live in a temperate climate area. I'd be mighty grumpy in some other biomes. But here I'm so grateful for the beauty of deciduous trees, plentiful clean water, and comfortable nights.

I survived five short VBS sessions of working with preschoolers without killing anyone or even making someone cry. I didn't do well at it ... my memory was completely shot because I was so nervous and that's the first thing to go. Note to self: don't go into acting. 

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Christopher said...

Hey Cathy,

For what it's worth, we all are susceptible to moments like this. As far as I know, God won't condemn you for begin nervous, heck you may have even earned some "points' for not killing anyone.

We're the "anyones" little people that you were referring to?

Grace and peace be with you.

Coniferous Christopher. ;)