Sunday, August 17, 2008

'Mater Mania

If you follow the little river that runs through our town and go toward its mouth to the Chesapeake Bay, you'll pass some towns that have been there since before the revolutionary war and that are still populated by descendants of Native Americans and early immigrants. In recent years many others have moved in looking for rural quiet. One group being some organic farmers. These farmers provide the local vegetables I "subscribe" to in a CSA. Today there was an annual tomato festival, the proceeds go for charity (providing vegetables for income people - hey that's ME) and I went to volunteer and to pick up tomatoes for ratatouille and buy a sandwich. 
The sandwich was awesome. Why didn't I think to put basil in one before?
The lady in charge didn't have anything for me to do, so I spent the three hours people watching and socializing. The weather was beautiful, the river was beautiful, and the people were interesting. In another life I should make a living talking to strangers.
Well I'd better go cut up some tomatoes.

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