Sunday, February 22, 2009

First outing

Yesterday I went shopping and got out for the first time since Dec.6 (except for Dr. visits via ambulance). My son took me car shopping and I'm very glad he came with me because then the car salesman pitched to him instead of me. I'm very happy with what he picked and sure hope the insurance settlement goes a way toward paying it.
We had Burger King for lunch and went to a very nice sushi place for supper (to make my grandson happy) and then grocery shopping. When I got the velcro boot off at home, my ankle was HUGE, but it got back to normal this morning.

My neighbor brought over the blackberry cobbler I asked her to cook in her oven. MMMMM And this morning Writer's Digest had a wonderful poem by Gary Snyder about how blackberries grow in old logging skidder roads - this evoked very vivid childhood memories for me.


Ian said...

What is that car? I drive a Toyota Fortuner, which looks a bit similar to that.

cathy b. said...

It's a Honda CRV. So far I'm very happy with it.