Monday, February 2, 2009

to sleep, perchance to dream

I'm sleep deprived. Last night my roommate was into "riding" her bed for twenty minute stretches. By that I mean she was using the electric bed raising/lowering controls. I tried to nap yesterday afternoon and I was wakened to report on how many bowel movements I had during that shift.

But here is piece of good news: I was actually WALKING today. I had a different therapist and I told her I didn't want to hop with the walker and she asked me if I could walk woth the walker and I did! I think I'll have no trouble with the stairs, once I get rid of this boot. (picture is on the wrong leg, btw)

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Christopher said...

It was about this time last year that I was getting out of my boot (ruptured achilles tendon). I have a pretty good idea of what your saying about just being able to walk. An injury can be a humbling experience, can't it? I know the thing that was impressed upon me Cathy, was just being able to do simple things that an able bodied person takes for granted, like walking, or bathing, carrying a meal from the fridge to the table.

Anywho... I don't mean to ramble. Just wanted to stop in and say hi. I hope your physical therapy gets you up and back to normal ASAP.

Grace and peace be with you.