Friday, February 27, 2009

Pain and judgment

Tomorrow I hope to drive my car. Sunday I hope to drive to church and then to a school staff "Christmas party" (It's never too late!) But all these hopes are in the air because yesterday I went to Social Services to apply for food stamps and the simple experience of waiting around for a few hours wore me out. I got home at noon and was shot for the day. My wrist was on a pain level of 7/10.

Today I'm feeling much better because I learned a lesson (yet again) that pain pills are meant to be taken early and more often than I would like. My current pain meds are Ultram and Naproxin ... not narcotic or mood altering. The main reason I avoid them is because I'd rather not spend money on them. But too much pain makes me unproductive which is ultimately more expensive.

I also have trouble judging how much activity is good. Even in physical therapy I tend to get over-enthused and pay for it. On the other hand, since I've come home I don't have the good exercise regimen I had at the nursing home. So I'm afraid I might be UNDER doing some activity. Of course from day to day my stamina and strength changes, so I can't beat myself up for lack of judgment.

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