Friday, June 20, 2008

My worlds converge!

My son and grandson are big Colbert fans and I've been reading and listening to NT Wright. NTW doesn't seem too comfortable in Colbert's comedy format - maybe nobody told him it was a fake news show. But I'm pleased he was there.


GJB said...

I did get the sense that he was at times guarded when I first saw it.

I'm sure I would find it intensely stressful being on a national show opening myself up to criticism about my deeply felt religious and political issues, — so props to NT.

As for Colbert, that interview gave me a new perspective. It has to be quite a task day after day trying to maintain the "comedy" in Comedy Central when having to cover such topics of discussion.

Christopher said...


Thanks for posting the video, very entertaining, and not in a mind numbing, drool dripping down my chin sort of way. :)

I have to say that NT Wright certainly has a very engaging manner about himself.He blew me away with the bit about a "Second phase" of the afterlife though.

Now, if NT comes out and says that the heavenly meal will consist of fish & chips at least 3 times a week, we're gonna have to seriously look at this guy. ;)

Grace and peace be with you.

cathy b. said...

gjb, I'm thinking one reason Colbert is so intelligent is because he pays attention to what people are saying.

And Chris, I take it you draw the line at two fish and chips meals?