Monday, June 16, 2008

Tuesday one prayer

Daily Devotion June 17: Fasting Focus: Miracles

Today, Tuesday, I am in prayer and fasting (no meat, no sugar) for my local church's diversity. I pray that our attendance will double and that our racial, economic, and cultural diversity will increase. I pray that we will challenge and excite each other with new insights and understandings. And let this excitement be a testimony to the God who makes this miracle possible.

Today's devotional emphasizes these elements of prayer: Audacity, Accuracy, Action.
The Accuracy reminds me of the teacher thing of making objectives measurable.


Martin Hutchison said...


I love your prayer for a miracle...very much along the lines that I was thinking! for my prayer today!

May it be so!

cathy b. said...

Martin, Hooray! and Amen!

GJB said...

REALLY cool logo. Great movement.