Thursday, June 5, 2008

Wish I'd have said that

I wish I could repeat good ideas I've heard, but my summarizing skills seem to be lacking. Today while treading water in the physical therapy pool a fellow treader started up a conversation. Rather out of the blue, it seemed, about the state of American education. I'm inclined to disagree with anything that includes the phrase "what's going wrong in American ..." even when I agree with it! I did my level best to be agreeable, especially since the fellow hasn't jumped into any kind of conversation in the past and I suspect that conversation doesn't come easy for him. Well, in the course of what was becoming a stimulating conversation, I wanted to tell him what NT Wright had been saying about heaven ... or more accurately, what NT had been saying was NOT heaven. So my friend said "Like what?" and I was stumped. Couldn't remember a thing. Still it was a great starter conversation and I hope we have many more.

I'm missing praise music practice again tonight. I spent some time last night finding the chords and lyrics and listening to the tunes. Bought some new guitar strings this evening. Got to the church early to wait, and then, bam, my energy level crashed and I drove home and went to bed. Boy I hate it when I just poop out.

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