Sunday, June 8, 2008

One prayer activity

Monday: What did God do in your Church? Share what God is doing in your church and celebrate with other believers.

I'm new to my church. I've blogged a lot about good things in my former church, particularly in the diversity of its membership. Today's exercise gives me opportunity to say what I've noticed about my new church. Like with my old church, the good qualities are so natural they are almost taken for granted.

1. Gender equality - Men and women seem to take on equally important roles in the way things are run. There doesn's seem to be any sense of one gender being in charge of the "important" decisions. It helps that we have two pastors of two genders.

2. Naturalness - We have clapping and swaying during musical worship ... not because we are supposed to, but because it seems natural. Some people stand, some people sit, and some people do both when their arthritis acts up. Children act naturally too. We are truly encouraged to dress the way we want to dress. I had balked about an emphasis on "casual" that had been mentioned in the website, but in practice, all modes of dress, up or down, are acceptable.

3. We are blessed with some true servants who make our new worship center a very beautiful, welcoming and comfortable place. These people are hard to identify because they are humble too.


RC said...

How wonderful. It sounds like you've really found a great place!

Christopher said...

Sounds like you had a great time.

Just one question: If I were to visit your church, would you have any objection to my attire? I'm most comfortable in knee high tube socks, sandles,a wife beater (lightly starched), & a pair of MBA throwback shorts. :)

Seriously, glad to hear that you had a good time.

Grace and peace be with you.

Martin Hutchison said...

Christopher... You would be MOST WELCOMED at Community of Joy!

cathy b. said...

Hey Chris, our pastor dresses that way! ... Just kidding too.