Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Tuesday's one prayer activity

Tuesday: We will fast together and pray for salvations. Go to the website to write the first name of someone you are praying will come to know Christ.If you can't fast, you might devote an hour to praying for salvations by sacrificing your time from the TV or another activity.

According to Baptist theology, Gareth is saved already, but I'll pray for him anyway.
I also want to pray for Anne, a dear internet friend, and Lena, a neighbor.
I'll fast from sweets, meat, movies and drama.


Martin Hutchison said...

I love the fasting Drama thing! Does that mean daytime dramas or life dramas?

cathy b. said...

Hee hee. It would be so cool if I meant life drama, but I would have trouble making it through a day without getting embroiled at least once. My drama du jour was that my principal has moved my desk out of the front office. I felt offended - yet the irony is that I hate the front office and have been tryig to get out of it for a while now. No, I just thought I'd stay away from Lawn Order.