Sunday, January 18, 2009

aint behavin'

School professionals are "on" all the time. We are always on task, polite and kind constantly, no matter how we feel.
So as a patient, I am a consumer instead of a provider. And I can misbehave and not get fired. And there are a few patients who give the nursing staff constant grief and the staff is required to give nothing but kindness back. So today I yelled at the guy in the room next to me because he feels that we ALL should be enjoying the same gospel music he has on his TV this morning, just like he thought we All should have been enjoying law and order last night at 2 AM. I went to his room and yelled "Are you hard of hearing sir?" And he shouted "all you do is complain". The nursing staff was in stitches. Reminds me of what I like about peer teaching. Only another student can say "Don't be a ding-a-ling" to another student. Sometimes such comments are needed - nonprofessionally of course.
Dr. King Day
I'm just about over the cold I've had and it's great to be feeling better. I'm touch typing again with BOTH hands. That's a relief.I told the folks at therapy that I fully intend to watch the live swearing in tomorrow. I cancelled my hair cutting appointment too because I'd hate to say I missed this historic moment because I was having a shampoo. So I'll go one more day looking homely.
I'm remembering watching Kennedy's swearing in. I was in seventh grade in a two room school. Mr. Whitney let us watch the world series too. I know they are watching the inagueration at Pittsville tomorrow (thought doubt they'd watch a world series ;-) I think of my Dad. He would have enjoyed this moment so much!
Well, time to type a to-do/wish list for my son.

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Martin Hutchison said...

Hope you can soon get outta there!