Monday, January 5, 2009

Nursing home continued

I ate supper really fast so I could get on the computer. There are two computers and many more users.

The location of the nursing home is on the corner of Civic Avenue and route 50. If you click on the name on the map at the right you'll see a bird's eye view.

As for when to visit? Hard to say. I'm in the dining room at lunch time and at 6 PM usually.

What a treat today! The girl I mentor at my school showed up! It seems her mom works HERE! So she'll be able to visit lots of time and maybe I can tutor her some.

I'm starting to read a great book, but it's too big for me to carry (1,097 pages). I also started folding some origami figures. I'm giving up piano playing for a while ... my hand has been too sore. I learned to get into bed using a sliding board today. whee!

BLood work says I've got great numbers.

Seth and Gareth came for more Uno today.

Fog delay for the return to school. Bet teachers loved that!
I'm in the computer room looking for origami directions on line. I thought I wouldn't take too long, but find I have to download stuff like pdf reader and flash readers etc.
I continue to get acclimated.
I've been here much too long. I get excited over the meals.
Yesterday they had a Wii bowling game. Great fun.
I'm still either in pain or numbed out.

I am listening to the life story of a lady who was shot excaping from East Germany. Was an olympic swimmer, too.

Time to go to a new blog post!

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Martin Hutchison said...

I am sure that you are making the best of a tough situation! You continue to be in my prayers and I think you are doing a great job given what you have had thrust on you!