Friday, January 23, 2009

Happy day!

Yesterday was my best day since the accident. For excellent starters I had a SHOWER! Hooray for my excellent CNA (nursing assistant) who was excellently tactful, thorough, patient and kind.

After that I took another WALK on the parallel bars. OK it was really a bunch of hops while supporting myself with my left elbow and right arm. But that is significant progress. Daily exercise is paying off.

A therapist says “EVERYONE progresses” The SORT of progress is what’s important. Significant progress is better than moderate progress.

My roommate’s brother bought me a big jar of kosher dill pickles. A dill pickele is as good a snack as a Three Musketeers’ bar and certainly not as high in sugar. I learned that there is a fridge and a microwave for patients. So if I get another cold I can warm up chicken soup. I’m becoming quite used to my roommate now. It’s nice to have someone to look out for. Since she nods out so often, she keeps me busy using my grabber to pick up pencils and books off the floor and I help the nurses remind her to eat.

Today I’m feeling optimistic about getting back to work in March. I’m dreading having to shop for a car though.

Today was another happy day. Nancy, who has visited before, brought Joyce. Joyce is one of my very favorite people in the world, and I had told Nancy that. Joyce no longer drives and it was especially thoughtful of Nancy to bring her. Among the many wonderful things about Joyce is my experience of her consistent and long term help with the ESL class. She actually started the teaching tradition long before I was involved. Joyce is my service role model.

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Martin Hutchison said...

So glad you are progressing! That is AWESOME news!

I stayed away this week due to a horrible cold... didn't want to share it with anyone.

Hope to see you soon! We are all praying for your recovery!