Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The swearing in

I'm not sure how to spell inauguration. Great day for me. I went to rehab early so I could watch the inauguration on TV. I took seven steps using the parallel bars using weight on my big left toe. Then I went to my room to watch the inauguration. During Rick Warren's invocation everyone on the floor .. nurses and patients ... were silent. It was a very moving moment. Then during Obama's speech there was lots of cheering.
When I came to the computer room, I heard from a guy from Europe who I used to talk to on Skype. He's moved to England and says everybody's pleased about our new choice of president. That should be no surprise. World opinion was my own major concern in voting.
That's it for today. It's not yet three and I'm tired!


Martin Hutchison said...

GREAT NEWS indeed! A New president and the hope of that reality! A few steps and the progress that follows!!!!

Celebrating with you!

MissDaisyAnne said...

Glad you are healing, recovering, able to work in PT.
Glad also you are able to keep us posted on your blog.