Friday, January 2, 2009

Nursing Home

I've moved into a nursing home, which I will blog on here.

When I was 18, 19 and 20 I worked in a few nursing homes. Now I'm on the other side of the experience. It's nothing I would volunteer for, but it's not torture either. I have a telephone, thanks to my son, and its number is 410-749-2634. I stay out of my room as much as I can. My roommate plays the TV constantly and loud, she throws food on the floor, and she has very smelly toileting accidents. So far she has only left the room to go to a church service, so I leave often. It could be worse. She could scream all the time and doesn't.

I have access to blogging in the "library" which is a very pleasant room on the far side of the building from mine. I have yet to bring my earphones. When I do, I'll be able to listen to any phone messages left on 410-713-4408, and maybe I can use skype to call long distance.

I'm keeping a list of "pain and sufferings" for possible legal use, but I'll try not to inflict blog readers with them.

This morning, being Sunday, had no physical therapy, so I didn't take a pain pill. Big mistake. I went to the church service in the dining room and had to leave and go back to rest in bed (in a nice quiet room). I had to take two pain pills then instead of the one I should have taken in the first place.

Yesterday I had two visitors from church. One friend came to help a patient with her hair. Meanwhile her husband is home with heart complications after knee surgery. (I just met another woman today with simmilar heart problems after knee surgery and I'm feeling fortunate with my own knees.) My other visitor travelled some distance back home to get me a clock and a box of splenda packets. Having a clock plugs me back into western civilization! I asked her to tell me her life story and she told me a great deal. I enjoyed that greatly! I think I need to take time to hear more about other people. There are so many wonderful stories in the people of my life.

Later my son and grandson came to play UNO. I had great fun because I found a few ways to cheat. They also brought a bounty of chinese food!

The folks I ate supper with last night enjoy singing. We sang "my girl" last night, so I'm going to dig up some lyrics on the web. There's a printer here.

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MissDaisyAnne said...

Very glad to get a post on how you are.
Keep us updated!

Joanie said...

Hi Cathy!
Seems that your spirits are good and high. Sorry you are going thru all this.We miss you here at Pittsville. I need your help in the cafe!! Take care and keep us posted. Hope to see you soon!
Joanie Baker